At the beginning  of the previous century there was introduced a new term to scientific nomenclature – CHROMATOGRAPHY. The creator M.S. Tswiet – the botany professor of the Warsaw University did not certainly expect that discovered by him technique will play such a honored role in achieved discoveries, forming of new laws and hypotheses in order to come to know of the world.

   Now, when the XXI century has begun we have met in Poland, in Toruń, on the day before the 100 years anniversary of chromatography discover, in order to make a review of theoretical and practical achievements in chromatography and related techniques. The chromatography has become the predominant separation and identification method in the filed of nature sciences occupying one of the first places among the modern analytical techniques. It concerns not only a scale and range of the undertaking or the way of its realization but also the consciousness of human, who use the up to now knowledge and technical advances. The considerations about the future and the directions of development of theory and practice of the separation techniques will be the leading thought of the 8th International Symposium on Separation Sciences, which will be held under motto : Advance in Separation Sciences on the day before the 100 years anniversary of chromatoghaphy discover.

   The history of the symposia reaches the 90th of the XX century so far and is an continuation of the cyclic scientific meetings under the auspices of the Central European Group for Separation Sciences (CEGSS). CEGSS focuses the representatives of the National Chemical Societas of: the Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. 

Symposium Number 


Place, Country


1st1990Bled (SLO)Prof. J. Marsel 
2nd1992Opatia(CRO)Prof. S. Turina
3rd1994Bled(SLO)Prof. J. Marsel 
4th1996Opatia(CRO)Dr. N. Šegudovič
5th1998Bled(SLO)Prof. J. Marsel 
6th2000Plivice(CRO)Dr. N. Šegudovič
7th2002Pörtschach/Wörthersee(A)Prof. W. Buchberger
8th2002Toruń (PL)Prof. B. Buszewski
9th2003Siofok (H)Prof. Sz. Nyiredy
10th2004Opatia (CRO)Dr. N. Šegudovič
11th2005Pardubice (CZ)Prof. Pavel Jandera
12th2006Lipica (SLO)Prof. Lucija Zupančič-Kralj
13th2007High Taras(SK)Prof. Jozef Lehotay
14th2008Primosten (CRO)Dr. Segudovic Nicola 
15th2009Balaton (HU)Prof. Klebovich Imre
16th2010Roma (IT) Prof. Danilo Corradini,
Prof. Corrado Sarzanini 
17th2011Cluj-Napoca (RO)Dr. Virginia Coman
18th2012Toruń (PL)Prof. Bogusław Buszewski 
19th2013Poreč (CRO)Prof. Tomislav Bolanča 
20th2014Praha (CZ)Dr. Aleš Horna,
Prof. Pavel Jandera 
21st2015Ljubljana (SLO)Dr. Irena Vovk 
22nd2016Toruń (PL)

Prof. Bogusław Buszewski Dr. Renata Gadzała-Kopciuch

23rd2017Vienna (A)Prof. Erwin Rosenberg 
24th2018Jasná (SLO)Prof. Milan Hutta,
Prof. Dušan Berek 
25th2019Łódź (PL)Dr. Joanna Kałużna-Czaplińska Prof. Rafał Głowacki 
26th2022Ljubljana (SLO)Dr. Irena Vovk
27th2023Cluj-Napoca (RO)Dr. Virginia Coman

   About actuality of the subjects raise during debates testifies still increasing number of participants. In ISSS’2002 its taking part have declared over 350 persons from 28 countries and also a numerous exhibitors of apparatus, accessories and chemical reagents. The fact that the honor patronage of this conference took over Prof. Dr. M. Kleiber – the Minister of Science and the Chairman of the State Committee for Scientific Research and the Scientific Patronage was taken up by the Federation of European Chemical Societas, the Polish Chemical Society of the Committee of Analitical Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences represented by: the Commission of Chromatographic Analysis, the Commission of Air and Gases Analysis, the Commission of Trace Organic Analysis and the Commission of Analytical Chemistry Education is the best proof how much important are the topics of the Symposium.

   The participation of the Kujawsko-Pomoski Voivodeship Marshal and the President of Toruń city in the Honorary Committee works testifies the advisability of organizing such meetings, by which occasion there is a possibility to know the history and present the monuments of our beautiful region and city of Nicolaus Copernicus, the town of science and art.

   On behalf of the Organizing Committee I would like to hearty welcome all arrived to Toruń participants of ISSS’2002 and wish fruitful debates, exciting talks and unforgettable impressions.

   Here, I would like to thank my Colleagues from the Department of Environmental Chemistry & Ecoanalytics of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Nicolas Copernicus University for efforts connected with co-organization of this important scientific meeting. My gratitude words I would like to follow also to co-organizers and Sponsors of the Symposium for help and financial support.


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