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Dear CEGSS colleagues,
Due to COVID-19 circumstances we have come to a decision to postpone  
the ISSS 2021 and HPTLC 2021 symposia to the next year. The 26th  
International Symposium on Separation Sciences (ISSS 2022) and the  
25th International Symposium for High-Performance Thin-Layer  
Chromatography (HPTLC 2022) will take place together in Ljubljana  
(Slovenia) from 28th June – 1st July 2022.
New deadlines for registration and abstract submission will be  
published on the websites: and
We’re looking forward to meeting you in Ljubljana next year.
Kind regards,
Irena Vovk


The main aim of the Group is coordination and co-organization of international symposia on separation sciences within Central European Countries, by paying particular attention to:

  • To deepening cooperation among separation scientists within Central European countries;
  • To widening  cooperation of separation scientists from other European countries and oversea. To fulfill the above challenges, CEGSS should act as an umbrella institution for coordination and co-organization of symposia and conferences devoted to separation sciences in  general and to specific areas of separation sciences in particular. CEGGS should help identification and coordination of themes, dates and venues of meetings in order to prevent interference worldwide;
  • The rules for the meeting organization are as follows: One general meeting per year is supported by or held under the auspices of CEGSS. Organization of local or regional meetings should be concerted to prevent overlap and competition;
  • Registration fees and accommodation costs are to be kept as low as possible to allow the participation of as many young researchers as possible;
  • Special care should be taken of the young generation of separation scientists by offering awards at particular symposia;
  • CEGSS is an non-profit society;
  • CEGSS coordinates its activities with the European Society for Separation Sciences;
  • The activities and organization of CEGSS are based on mutual agreement of the member societies;
  • The seat of the Society is with the host of the current symposium;
  • CEGSS is ruled by a Steering Committee
  • Acting chairperson of the current symposium acts as the head of the CEGSS Steering Committee. She or he has duties and responsibilities to coordinate all activities in between two consecutive symposia;
  • Members of the Steering Committee communicate by electronic mail between and during the annual symposia;
  • At the meeting in Lipica, SLO (2006) the idea to establish a position of secretary was proposed to assist the acting head of CEGSS in his activities. Late Dr.  Nikola Šegudović was proposed as the first secretary. The rules of election remain to be elaborated;
  • In the near future, there will still be enough time, subjects, and space for the CEGSS activities in the form established so far;


Prof. Boguslaw Buszewski

President for 2019-2024

Dr. Virginia Coman

General Secretary 2019-2024
Chairwoman for 2022-2023


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