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Dear colleagues,

Due to the decision of the management of the European Society for Separation Sciences (EuSSS) to dissolve it (decision of the Register Court of Bayreuth; Bayern, of November 8, 2023), the rights to administer and reward outstanding scientists in the field of separation techniques and related ones, the Tswiett and Nernst Award (statuette and diploma), were transferred to the Central European Group for Separation Sciences (CEGSS).

The Board of this award, in accordance with the statute and regulations, in the first stage nominates candidates, and in the second stage, together with the winners from previous editions (the list is available on the CEGSS home page in the Award table), selects them (max. two, one from each country- Western, Central and Eastern Europe).

We would like to invite all organizations that operate in Europe in the field of separation techniques and related techniques to the work of the Chapter. The new, modified rules of the award will be published on the CEGSS website and in the J. Sep. Sci. The award will be presented at one of the International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC) or International Symposium on Separation Sciences (ISSS), both symposiums organized in Europe. 


Kind regards, 

Prof. Dr. Boguslaw Buszewski 

President of CEGSS and T&N Board Award 

Mission and Rules

Central European Group for Separation Sciences (CEGSS) is a non-profit association. Its main objective is to coordinate and co-organize the International Symposia on Separation Sciences (ISSS) in Central European countries. Currently, CEGSS covers the following eleven countries, in order of adherence: Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.

The overall activities of CEGSS are based on mutual agreement of chemical societies and their affiliated organizations in the field of analytical chemistry, particularly separation sciences, of the member countries, considering the rules given below: 

(i) The main goal of CEGSS is to deepen the cooperation of separation scientists in Central Europe and expand their contacts with other countries; (ii) CEGSS is managed by a Steering Committee on which each member country is represented by a person nominated by a professional association active in the field; (iii) To become a member country of the CEGSS, the designated representative of a professional association in this field from that country shall express his reasoned intention at a meeting of the CEGSS Steering Committee in the framework of the ISSS Symposium, and then, after approval by the Steering Committee, the country will join the CEGSS; (iv) The Steering Committee shall coordinate the dates of the ISSS, taking into account the conditions of other international meetings on separation sciences; v) Steering Committee members communicate via email and meet in person at the annual ISSS; vi) The Executive Steering Committee (Presidium), consisting of the President of the CEGSS, the Secretary and the Chairman of the ISSS Symposium in preparation, resolves current matters, in particular those related to the preparation and accompanying the ISSS Symposium. 

The principles of organizing the ISSS are as follows: (i) One general ISSS per year is held under the auspices of the CEGSS; (ii) Members of the Steering Committee act as permanent members of the ISSS scientific committee and are obliged to deliver a plenary or keynote lecture; (iii) They also constitute a committee assessing the best oral and poster presentations of young scientists during ISSS; (iv) CEGSS may support the organization of local events (conferences, invited lectures, courses, training, etc.), however, after obtaining the written consent of the Presidium with the reservation that the topics and dates of these initiatives do not duplicate or compete; (v) Both registration fees and accommodation costs associated with actual participation in the current ISSS are intended to be as low as possible to enable as many researchers as possible to participate; (vi) CEGSS pays special attention to the young generation of separation scientists by offering them economical accommodation and prizes for the best contributions; (vii) The ISSS organizer is looking for sponsors to financially support this type of awards.

Each member of CEGSS, at the request of the presidium or members of the Steering Committee, is entitled to receive the Central European Group for Separation Sciences Award for outstanding achievements and activity for CEGSS or popularization of separation sciences. Detailed provisions regarding the nomination and selection of the laureate are set out in separate regulations.

CEGSS is responsible for nominating and awarding the European Tswett-Nernst Prize. The award in the form of a statuette and a diploma is presented during one of the European conferences devoted to separation sciences techniques. In addition, the winner is obliged to deliver a laureate plenary lecture. The costs of the winner's participation in the symposium are borne by the organizer. The Tswett-Nernst Prize Committee awards a maximum of two prizes in a given year. The two winners selected are one from Western Europe and one from Central, Eastern and Northern Europe countries. This prize can only be received once per person. Detailed provisions regarding the nomination and selection of the laureate are set out in separate regulations.


Prof. Boguslaw Buszewski

President for 2019-2024

Dr. Virginia Coman

General Secretary 2019-2024

Prof. Danilo Coradini

Chairman 2023-2024


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