Minutes from the meeting of Steering Committee of CEGSS

    Minutes from the meeting of Steering Committee of CEGSS , September 11, 2012, Toruń, Poland, held during 29th  International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC’2012) and 18th International Symposium on Separation Sciences (18th ISSS)

List of participants:

  1. Prof. Dr. Dušan Berek, Slovak Chemical Society, Bratislava, Slovakia;
  2. Prof. Dr. Tomislav Bolanča, Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers, Zagreb, Croatia;
  3. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buchberger, Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry, Linz, Austria;
  4. Prof. Dr. Bogusław Buszewski, Polish Chemical Society, Toruń, Poland;
  5. Dr. Virginia Coman, Romanian Chemical Society, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
  6. Prof. Dr. Danilo Corradini, Italian Chemical Society, Rome, Italy
  7. Prof. Dr. Imre Klebovich, Hungarian Society, Budapest, Hungary;
  8. Prof. Dr. Pavel Jandera, Czech Chemical Society, Pardubice, Czech Republic;
  9. Prof. Dr.Josef Lehotay, Slovak Chemistry Society, Trnava/Bratislava, Slovakia;
  10. Dr. Irena Vovk, Slovenian Chemical Society, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Not present CEGSS committee members:

  1. Dr. Modest Gertsiuk, Ukrainian Chromatographic Society, Kiev, Ukraine;



  1. Welcome by the CEGSS president
  2. Welcome and introduction a new members
  3. Minutes from Cluj-Napoca, suggestions and acceptance
  4. Home page of CEGSS activities, etc.
  5. Future direction and cooperation with EuSSS, ISC, and NoSSS
  6. Selection of sites for next ISSS Symposium series
  7. Other Issues
  8. Next meeting


CEGSS meeting was opened by Prof. Dr. Bogusław Buszewski. The discussions and the decisions taken during this meeting can be summarized as follows:

  1. Minutes from the last CEGSS meeting during the 17th ISSS Conference
    in September 6, 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, were accepted unanimously.

For very good organization of the 17th ISSS symposium with high scientific and social level, the CEEGS Committee unanimously decided to award Dr. Virginia Coman with the CEGSS medal.

  1. Prof. Boguslaw Buszewski informed that in the 18th ISSS and 29th ISC are registered: 683 participants (teachers, senior and young researchers, doctors, PhD students, Master students, students, chemists, pharmacists, engineers, vendors), 394 coming from abroad (52 countries from Europe and Asia: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Spain, France, USA, Russia, Austria, United Kingdom, India, Iran, Japan, Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania, Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cameroon, Greece, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Republic of Moldova) and 209 from the Poland. The scientific program includes 17 plenary lectures of invited speakers, Keynote Lectures 45, Oral Presentations 15, Tutorial Lectures 6, and 509 poster presentations plus six vendor seminar sessions.
  2. Professor Buszewski paid tribute to Dr. Nikola Šegudovič, who has passed away on 1st September 2012.  Members of Steering Committee remembered Dr. Šegudovic with one minute of silence. They decided that the next ISSS in Croatia will be dedicated to his memory.
  3. Prof. Buszewski mentioned that for different reasons some members of Steering Committee of CEGSS cannot continue their activities in the Steering Committee. He proposed to adopt new members into CEGSS Steering Committee to keep high efficiency of CEGSS. The proposed new members: Prof. Danilo Corradini of Italy, prof. Tomislav Bolanča of Croatia and prof. Irena Vovk  of Slovenia. The relevant standpoints, nominations from their mother Societies are required.
  4. The secretary of CEEGS it was Dr. Nikola Segudovič. Prof. Dušan Berek was proposed by Prof. Buszewski the new CEGSS secretary. The proposal was accepted unanimously.

It was decided that the fruitful cooperation of CEGSS with EuSS, ISC and NoSSS will continue.

  1. The members of Steering Committee confirmed that 19th International Symposium on Separation Sciences will be held on Poreč, Croatia in September 2013. All participants strongly supported Prof. Tomislav Bolanča as convener and head of the Organizing Committee. Besides CEGSS, also EuSSS will be included into the organization bodies. The web site of Symposium is www.hdki.hr.

Ukraine was proposed the site of the 20th ISSS with Prof. Modest Gertsiuk as convener in Cluj. Unfortunately, Modest Gertsiuk could not arrive at Toruň and the contacts with him were interrupted. Dusan Berek will try to reestablish them and obtain information about 19th ISSS.

  1. As a tradition of the ISSS symposia, the posters of several students will be awarded during 18th ISSS. Three awards were offered by professor Buszewski, the president of CEGSS, EuSSS and Polish Chemical Society. They include free registration fee and free accommodation during the 19th ISSS symposium in Poreč.

Members of Steering Committee proposed to create the CEGSS Home Page. It should contain some information on the history of CEGSS, list of Steering Committee members, their pictures and short professional information, as well as list of previous CEGSS meetings and information about future ones.


                                                                                  Prof. dr hab. Bogusław Buszewski
29th  ISC’2012 and 18th ISSS


Note: Before circulation of these minutes, Prof. Modest Gertsiuk confirmed his willingness to organize 20th ISSS in Ukraine.