Minutes of the CEGSS Representatives Meeting

Minutes of the CEGSS Representatives Meeting

8th Balaton Symposium, Siófok, Hungary, 2 September 2009

Imre Klebovich welcomes the participants


1. Dr. Nikola Šegudovic was awarded with the CEGSS Medal at the Opening Ceremony

of the 8th Balaton Symposium. Dr. Imre Klebovich thanked his excellent activity

(among others, organizing 15 conferences in the last 13 years). All participants



2. Dr. Imre Klebovich thanked Dr. Boguslaw Buszewski for the idea and realization of the

CEGSS Medal and Diploma.


3. Dr. Boguslaw Buszewski reported: the 24 pieces of the Medal were ready made. They

are to be passed to Dr. Danilo Corradini, the organizer of the next conference. He also

offered preparing the future Diplomas.


4. The participants decided on the Medal and Diploma granting procedure as follows:

- There would be 1 person to be awarded in each year

- The awardee will be nominated by the given year CEGSS Conference Chairman


5. The participants reviewed the upcoming events of the CEGSS:

2010: Roma, Italy, Organizers: Drs Danilo Corradini and Corrado Sarzanini

2011: Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Organizer: Dr. Virginia Coman

2012: Primosten, Torun (proposals)

It should be co-organized with other chromatographic societies like the

Scandinavian one

2013: No proposal yet (too early)


6. The status of the organization of the 16th ISSS, Rome, Italy was reported by Drs.

Corradini and Sarzanini. The event will be organized on 6-21 September, 2010. The

Invitation Letter was already passed to all participants of the present Balaton

Symposium. Several of the meeting participants proposed to revisit the date. Dr.

Corradini remarked that the selected date fitted to a cool and inexpensive period in

Rome and its changing would set problems, since discussions with the organizing

partners started officially, accommodations were planned in vacant houses, so, it would

be less expensive than involving a tourist office.

The conference was also planned to reach an extended scientific community.

An emphasis was encouraging young scientists to give not only poster but oral

presentations (approved proposal: 5 min).


7. The status of the organization of the 17th ISSS Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Dr. Boguslaw

Buszewski reported on his personal visit. He confirmed that the location is very nice,

Dr. Virginia Coman, the Organizer is well positioned. He also found the organizing

team suitable. He also reported, that the First Announcement was already passed to the

participants of the present Balaton Symposium.

The proposed date was September/October that must however be adjusted with other



8. Dr. Boguslaw Buszewski proposed to compile the list of all the events of both CEGSS

member organizations and those of related areas. It was decided that each CEGSS

representative should send the dates of all known conferences to Dr. Nikola Šegudovic.


9. E-mail addresses of all CEGSS representatives were made up. The list will be



10. Dr. Hartmunt Frank informed the participants that Profs Bevan, Felinger and Buszewski

were voted as EuSS new members. The officers will be voted on September 3.


11. Dr. Imre Klebovich informed the participants that the HPLC 2011 will be held in

Budapest on June19-23, 2011. Balaton Symposium will be skipped that year.


12. Dr. Boguslaw Buszewski reported from the Conference on Chromatography of the

Nordic Countries that had been held in Tallin. It was a well organized event. There

were some 140 participants, the majority of them young scientists. The next one was

suggested to be organized in Riga in 2011. The organizers were open to cooperate with



13. Dr. Virginia Coman informed the participants that the Group for Separation Sciences

was founded in the Chemical Society in Romania.


14. The next CEGSS Chairman is be Dr. Danilo Corradini. He will receive the CEGSS

documentation from Dr. Imre Klebovich.