Minutes from CEGSS committee meeting,

Minutes from CEGSS committee meeting, October 1, 2008, Primošten, Croatia held during 14th ISSS

List of participants:

Prof. Dr. D. Berek (Slovak Chemical Society), Bratislava, Slovakia

Prof. Dr. W. Buchberger (Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry), Linz, Austria

Prof. Dr. B. Buszewski (Polish Chemical Society), Torun, Poland

Prof. Dr. P. Jandera (Czech Chemical Society, Pardubice, Czech Republic

Prof. Dr. I. Klebovich (Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences), Budapest, Hungary

Prof. Dr. L. Kralj-Zupančić (Slovenian Chemical Society), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Dr. C. Sarzanini (Italian Chemical Society), Torino, Italy

Dr. N. Šegudović (Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers), Zagreb, Croatia, Chairman

of the Scientific Committee of the 14th ISSS

Prof. Dr. D. Corradini (16th ISSS organisation), Rome, Italy

Dr. V. Coman (Romanian Chemical Society), Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Prof. Dr. H. Frank (EuSSS committee member), Bayreuth, Germany

Prof. Dr. J. Lehotay (Chairman of the Scientific Committee of 13th ISSS), Bratislava,


Prof. Dr. A. Maruska (President of NoSSS) Kaunas, Lithuania


Not present CEGSS committee members:

Prof. Dr. M. Gertsiuk (Ukrainian Chromatographic Society), Kiev, Ukraine



1. Minutes from the last meeting, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia, June 28, 2007

2. Ukrainian Chromatographic Society as a full member of CEGSS

3. Acceptance of Romanian Chemical Society as a member of CEGSS

4. CEGSS and EuSSS today and tomorrow

5. Miscellaneous


Meeting was opened by Dr. Nikola Šegudović


1. Minutes of the last meeting held in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia was accepted unanimously.


2. After short explanation, discussion and remind Ukrainian Chromatographic Society

was accepted as a full CEGSS member and Prof. Dr. M. Gertsiuk was confirmed as

representative in CEGSS committee. Ukrainian Society is 9th member of CEGSS.


3. After detail discussion, explanation and insight to the Statutes of the Romanian

Chemical Society, organisation and structure of the Society, there was not any barrier

to accept Romanian Chemical Society in CEGSS. All present CEGSS committee

members accepted Romanian Chemical Society as a full member of CEGSS. Dr.

Virginia Coman, recommended by President of Romanian Chemical Society (Prof.

Sorin Rosca) was accepted unanimously as a representative in CEGSS committee.


4. After short explanation about current EuSSS position given by Prof. Dr. H. Frank and

short discussion it was concluded that there will be not interference or overlapping

between two societies. CEGSS support EuSSS but it must speed up all their activities.


5. Prof. Dr. P. Jandera informed all attendees about the meeting of ISC committee held

last week in Muenster. Prof. Dr. A. Felinger was elected as a permanent member of

ISC committee.

Prof. Dr. A. Maruska gave short insight to the re-established Nordic Society for

Separation Sciences and their activities in the future.

Once again it was confirmed that 15th ISSS will be held in Siofok in 2009, together

with 8th Balaton symposium. 16th ISSS will be held in Rome, first part of September


All participants strongly support Prof. Dr. B. Buszewski in his attempt to organize

symposium in Poland 2012 involving in organisation: CEGSS, NoSSS, EuSSS and

ISC committee. 2011 is at the moment free for organisation symposium. Dr. V.

Coman launches the proposal that the 17th ISSS could be organized in Romania in

2011 (most perhaps in Cluj-Napoca).

Dr. N. Šegudović expressed his willingness to be replaced in his secretary position.

During 14th ISSS, as a tradition will be delivered three awards for best positioned

posters. First prize registration and accommodation fees at 15th ISSS (EuSSS), second

prize registration and accommodation fees at 15th ISSS ( organizers of 15th ISSS) and

third prize will be one year free subscription to JCA (JCA).

After completion this minute all official documentation will be send to Prof. Dr. I.

Klebovich as a current chairman of CEGSS committee.

Dr. Nikola Šegudović

PS; awarded posters:

First prize poster number 21 “Determination of Sterols in Plant Sterol-Enriched

Foods” and co-author Zdenka Cencič-Kotba, Maribor, Slovenia.

Second prize poster number 119 “Determination of Carbohydrates from Leaves of the

Apple Tree Using OPLC Method” and co-author Michaela Vlassa, Cluj-Napoca,


Third prize poster number 24 “Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) as a New Technique

for determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Exhaled Breath” and co-author

Anieszka Ulanowska, Torun Poland.